Power System Safety 
Protection (PSSP)

Power System Safety 
Protection (PSSP)

Are you a Powerline Contractor working in British Columbia? Then this course is for you. Power System Safety Protection defines the constraints applied to the power system, and provides workers with protection from hazards they may encounter during prescribed work. Stay safe! Get this essential training now!


Power System Safety Protection (PSSP) covers various high voltage safety topics, including grounding, blocking, switching, limits of approach and more.


PSSP Category 1a:
• What Category 1a is and when it is used
• Procedures for obtaining and returning customer isolation
• Isolation during emergencies and storms

PSSP Category 1b:
• Category 1b rules and when they are used.
• Customer Infeeds.
• Joint operating orders.
• Isolation and tagging in different circumstances.

PSSP Category 2:
• Introduction to Safety
• Working Safely Near Live Electrical Equipment
• Accessing Facilities
• Preparing to Work Safely

PSSP Category 3 Part 1:
• Safety on the Power System
• Elements of Safety Protection
• Safety Protection Roles and Responsibilities

PSSP Category 3 Part 2:
• PSSP Category 3
• Safety Protection Guarantees
• Protection Extensions

PSSP Category 4:
• Introduction to PSSP
• Electrical Safety/Limits of Approach
• Assurance of No Reclose Permits
• Safety Protection Guarantees
• Preparing for the Job

PSSP Category 5:
• Introduction to Category 5
• The Control Hierarchy and Category 5
• Switching
• Grounding and Blocking
• Safety Protection Guarantees
• Live Line Permits and ANRPs

PSSP Category 6:
• Introduction to Category 6
• PIC Resources
• Using the Mimic Display
• Using Logs
• Using GOIs and GNRs
• Transferring Operating Authority

• What lockout is and who uses it
• When lockout is used and what tags are used with it
• Lockout hardware and supplies
• Personal lockout procedures


Required Course for all Contractors who want access to or need to work on BC Hydro’s Power System (British Columbia, Canada).


• 1 Day
• Class Size: Up To 16 (min 6)


PSSP Category 2 and 3 + STC + DBC + TXC
(Substation Component Training)
• Every Thurs. 8am – 4pm
*Follow our Facebook page for live-updated availability for each course. Live Twitter updates are also linked to the PSSP registration page. 

PSSP Category 5 Training
• 3rd Fri. of each month, 8am – 12pm
*NOTE: This course runs dependent on class size. Visit our Facebook page to see the status of this month’s CAT 5 session.  

DBC (Distribution Component Training)
• Every Thursday.

TXC (Transmission Component Training)
Every Thursday.

Additional courses also available on request at your site or ours (min 6 participants). Please give us at least a week’s notice when requesting private sessions.



• Langley Training Facility


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BC Hydro Public Workplace Safety Program for Construction, Heavy Equipment, and other Trade Workers

BC Hydro Public Workplace Safety Program for Police, Ambulance and other First Responders

BC Hydro Public Workplace Safety Program for Firefighters or other Fire Safety Training Personnel