About EETG

ABOUT EETG — Electrical Energy Training Group Inc.

The Electrical Energy Training Group (EETG) Ltd. provides training and related services to the electrical utility/energy industry. Our mission is to promote and improve safety, efficiency and productivity in our clients’ operations.

Our senior management brings numerous years of experience in the electrical utility industry, while EETG’s highly knowledgeable instructors have trained thousands of industry personnel throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and the Middle East. From subject matter experts and instructors to  our senior management, each member of our team possess decades of experience in the industry and a reputation for helping our clients achieve some of the highest safety and performance records in the industry.

From Powerline Technicians to Substation Engineers, EETG’s programs set the benchmark in best practices in adult learning. EETG’s training programs are interactive and face to face, and combine theory with practical “hands on” competency-based instruction.

EETG offers programs in all areas of electric power transmission, distribution and substation operations, including construction, maintenance, trouble-shooting investigations, working in live line training situations to voltages of 500 kV, and the use of helicopters to work on steel- and wood-frame transmission structures. With a top-quality curriculum and world-class field experienced instructors, EETG’s programs meet or exceed international standards and regulatory requirements.

With a real-world training approach, EETG creates a training experience that delivers excellent value and superior safety to clients around the world.


EETG — providing BC Hydro sponsored training programs

With over 30 years of experience in training workers in the High Voltage Energy sector throughout British Columbia, EETG won the contract to provide public safety training services for BC Hydro. These programs include:

Electrical Safety for Trades Workers

BC Hydro sponsors this free 2-hour Workplace Safety course for Trades Workers. Learn the hazards of working near overhead or underground power lines and how to stay safe on the job. LEARN MORE | REGISTER

Electrical Safety for First Responders

This free 2 hour course, sponsored by BC Hydro, is designed to give police, paramedics, fire fighters, and other first responders the strategies they need to deal with the dangers of high voltage. LEARN MORE | REGISTER



Industry Training
Workforce Development
Industry Services


These are customized short courses or intensive programs for Utilities and Contractors. These programs range from 1/2 day to several weeks. They are designed for intermediate to journeyman workers.
•     Transmission
•     Generation Powerplants
•     Substation
•     Worker Safety
•     Various Industry Courses


These are comprehensive customized training programs for Utilities, Contractors, and Industry Partners, including Government and Educational Institutions. These programs range from one week to several weeks. They are designed for novice to intermediate students.
•     Power Line Technician
•     Utility Arborist
•     Generation, Powerplant Substation


Industry services are operational consulting services, training program implementation services, and other services related to worker safety.
•  Work Methods / Procedures
•  Documentation
•  Operations Audit
•  Asset Management
•  Energy Marketing
•  New Energy Technologies
•  Internal Training Program Set-up
•  Student Administration
•  Certification Consulting